Sunday, March 31, 2013

Movie Review: OZ The Great and Powerful

In short, this is the story of how Oz went from being a small town magician and scam artist, to being the man behind the curtain. After seeing the movie, I wondered who the movie was actually made for. I'm not sure if its for children. Do many kids today know bout the Wizard of Oz? Maybe they do, but what need was there to create a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. It didn't bring anything new to the table. Look there are the munchkins (little people, not the Dunkin' Donuts food), look theres the yellow brick road, look theres the witch. It was a series of "hey, remember that from your childhood."Many people critisized the film as being chauvinist, since it shows women concerned with gaining the effection of a man. I guess thats chauvinism now. And two sisters acting catty towards each other. Whatever! This was bad movie for a series of reasons.
First off, Who likes James Franco? Was he that good as the green goblin's son that we have to pretend he's a great actor? He looks like every other stoner d-bag I went to high school with. Because he has a sharp chin and looks confident so he's a lead. Granted, I grew up in an Arnold action movie era, but since when is a 5'10" charming stoner, the lead in a film. Ughh.
The CG in this movie left a lot to be desired. There were totally useless CG that seemed to be the artist just showing off. No wonder these movies cost a small fortune. Fog is a tough thing to recreate. In this movie they tried repeatedly to make it, but just never really worked.
I would not recommend this movie. Their will no doubt be sequels. Stay away from them too. The truth is that the Oz stories are not really that compelling. If your a depression era child, they were great. But now....lets put a road closed sign in front of the yellow brick road.

5/10 Stars

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