Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Future Ideas

So, as it happens, current political climate may be useful in my future endeavors. For a long time I've had this idea about portraying a post-United States America. What was America being portrayed as a series of individual countries. Thats not likely to actually happen, but it might be interesting to show it. I'll fill in more of the details laters. Also, I like the idea of being politically incorrect. Not necessarily for the purposes of creating buzz, but showing people's deepest, darkest ideas come to light. Doing a movie about the various end times beliefs of religions and other groups.
I've been writing a script for a movie called Right to Resist. Which is about an average citizen shooting a corrupt police officer who invaded his home. He panics, runs for it, and then the State hunts him down with extreme force. I might even have it take place in Indiana. 

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