Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dark Clouds and all.

So, I started working at UPS this week. Its not gonna work out. I worked a FedEx for 4 years and eventually go so fed up with it I quit. I hate this feeling that I'm spinning my wheels. Doing a job that semi retarded proudly do. Stacking boxes to make a wall in a shitty warehouse for hours a night. I'm better than this. I'm smarter than most of the people that work there (I don't mean that to be pompous or blowhardy in anyway). Its is depressing and frustrating that I'm stuck in stasis.
My family members are no help either. Many of them have no real career success, so I have no where to go for advice. The dream would be to start my own business, and I have many ideas, but no plans of implementation. But no matter........this is it. Its either try to do my own thing or stack boxes till I die. 

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  1. Well, we all have to do something until we die, and somebody has to stack the boxes. Be content, it beats the crap out of feeling inadequate. The Buddha didn't say that, but he said something like it, and so did Jesus and Mohamed.